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All Comp Draws - Hot Off the Press

Author: Garbo, 02/03/20

All Competition Draws Now Available

Evening Folks !

All quarter final draws have been carried out tonight for all comps except Under 25's which is at semi final stages

The draws are as follows :

3 Man

Ste Almond B Messent S Haydon J Crossley St Gregs Ball Boys 7583063284   v   Elite Muppets    
D Billington A Sanderson M Parkinson P Smith St Wilfrids OAP's 7772777365   v   D Eastham D Baxendale G Hampson S Kenyon Th' Insti Boys 7585964139
Elite D        v   Anthonys B or Deepdale Allsorts    
Stu Almond J Peoples M Jolly P Woodruff St Gregs Soul Boys 7566822045   v   C Norbury D Eccles D Blair A Wilding Elite A 7970508764

JakeRobinson  KeithFarrington  14 Brownedge Blue 7861801951   v   ChrisNorbury  DanielBlair  0 Elite A 7970508764
MickJolly  JamesPeoples  18  St Gregory's A 7957941164   v   SteveWhalley  FarakhAjaib  -4 Elite C 7802964244
GaryHampson  StewKenyon  25 Euxton Institute 7539060919   v   Wignall Foley or Mangan Brown    
Almonds or Robinson & Cromie       v   AndyPickering  AidenGallagher  14 Elite C 7939037440

6 Man
St Anthonys A       v   St Anthonys B    
St Bernards       v   Brownedge Blue    
New Longton or BB Cons       v   Acregate A    
Elite F       v   St Gregs B    

Under 25
Charlee McDonough 35 Eccleston 7736832585   v   George Reynolds 14 Elite 7540007230
Emre Eves 14 Freckleton 7707439880   v   Tom Wood 14 Elite 7708333480

Ind Over 50's
SteveWhalley 7  Elite C     v   BrianMangan 7 Brownedge Blue    
TonyBeetham 35 St Bernards 7910433375   v   NigelHolmes 14 Elite B 7929722405
SteveAlmond 21 St Gregory's A 7583063284   v   JohnHilton 28 New Longton 7767156157
JohnBarlow 21 Elite E 7831225408   v   GaryHampson 21 Euxton Institute 7539060919

LeighRobinson 0 Brownedge Blue 7593336158   v   SteveRowlings 0 Elite C 7899907938
KeithFarrington 14 Brownedge Blue 7495953150   v   GarySnape 21 St Gregory's B 7988713932
JasonTart -14 Broughton A 0   v   JakeRobinson 14 Brownedge Blue 7861801951
JamesPeoples 14  St Gregory's A 7941617964   v   CarlBusby 42 Deepdale Joes 7505012014

Ind Scratch
SamWorden Brownedge Red 7581142110   v   LeighRobinson Brownedge Blue 7309728939
JasonTart Broughton A 7707475357   v   KeithFarrington Brownedge Blue 7495953150
ChrisNorbury Elite A 7970508764   v   SteveWhalley Elite C 7802964244
CraigMillward Elite C 7767862778   v   SteveRowlings Elite C 7899907938


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