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3 Man UPDATE !!!!! Comps Update Quarter Final Venues and Dates -

Author: Garbo, 05/03/20

3 MAN UPDATE !!!!!! INFO UPDATE - Comps Update Quarter Final Venues and Dates



I said i would have an update with regards to the 3 Man - venue and sponsorship

The 3 Man this year will be kindly sponsored by St Anthonys and that will be the venue - a big thank you to our previous sponsors Eccleston for their kind support

  • Quarters 1 and 2 will take place on Tues 21 April at St Anthonys at 730  - Quarters 3 and 4 will take place on Thurs 23 April at St Anthonys at 730
  • Semis and Final  will take place on Sat 25 April at St Anthonys at 730    

This is the completed draw 

3 Man

Ste Almond B Messent S Haydon J Crossley St Gregs Ball Boys 7583063284       C Millward B Doherty A Booth S Rowlings Elite Muppets   7767862778
D Billington A Sanderson M Parkinson P Smith St Wilfrids OAP's 7772777365       D Eastham D Baxendale G Hampson S Kenyon Th' Insti Boys
R Kay C Barlow P Mason M Hall  Elite D   1772312347       P Hindle A Evans Z Patel I Patel  St Anthonys B  7831629604
Stu Almond J Peoples M Jolly P Woodruff St Gregs Soul Boys 7566822045       C Norbury D Eccles D Blair A Wilding Elite A 7970508764

All other comp dates are as below



Hello Folks !

I posted the draws on Monday night but I didnt add scratch dates for a reason.

Thats because this year all quarters (except under 25's and 6 man) are at neutral venues (same location as semis and finals)

So here are the dates and locations :

Under 25's - semis and final - Sat 28 March at Elite at 730

6 Man - all quarters to be played as drawn at home venues - scratch night is Sunday 22 March - semi final 1 at Brownedge on Tues 24 March at 730 - semi final 2 at Brownedge on Thurs 2 April at 730 -  final at Brownedge on Thurs 9 April at 730.

Over 50's - quarters at Elite on Sat 21 March at 730 - semis and final at Elite on Sat 4 April at 730

Ind HCAP - first two quarters at St Gregs on Fri 13 March at 730 - second two quarters at St Gregs on Fri 20 March at 730 - semis and final at St Gregs on Fri 27 March at 730

Ind Scratch - first two quarters at Fulwood on Fri 3 April at 730 - second two quarters at Fulwood on Fri 10 April at 730 - semis and final at Fulwood on Fri 17 April at 730

Pairs HCAP - all quarters at Elite on Weds 25 March at 730 - semis and final at Elite on Weds 1 April at 730

3 Man HCAP - first two quarters at St Anthonys on Tues 21 April at 730 - second two quarters at St Anthonys on Thurs 23 April at 730 - semis and final at St Anthonys on Sat 25 April at 730

Competition Organisers will ensure that all participants are aware of all these arrangements

Good luck to all participants !




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